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Commitment to value and quality of ancient grains


The term "ancient grains" is relatively new. It refers to grains whose history dates back for over ten thousand years to the origins of our civilisation. The Ancient Grains Initiative aims to draw attention to the value and significance of these ancient grains and to gather further knowledge on the subject. The aim is for as many people as possible to know that grains such as emmer, einkorn or Khorasan wheat are extremely valuable to our diet.

We are aware that ancient grains are currently overshadowed by grains that are considered at first sight to be more efficient, since these varieties promise large yields in the short term. We want to make bakers and consumers aware that today's grains have a history, which should not be forgotten. We therefore also want to increase and spread knowledge about the requirements of growing and processing ancient grains. Finally, we want to show that products that are something very special in terms of enjoyment and authenticity can be produced from ancient grains. All this motivates us to stand up for the subject of ancient grains, now and in the future.