Bloggers discover Einkorn, Emmer & Co.




December 2018 - Drawing attention to ancient grains such as Einkorn, Emmer or Pure Spelt - this is the goal of the Ancient Grains Initiative. With the slogan #BackenmitUrgetreide (#BakingWithAncientGrains), the association has invited 15 bloggers from food and lifestyle sectors to explain the old grains to them and their followers. The result of this first blogger event: Exciting insights into ancient grains, delicious pastries and lots of networking!

First, baking and grain experts explained the history and peculiarities of different ancient grain varieties to the bloggers. Of course, the participants also did some baking on their own: In a professional bakery, they prepared waffles with Emmer and Pure Spelt in an original Belgian waffle iron as well as focaccia with Khorasan and Spelt wheat. In a photo workshop later on, the bloggers were taught by the food photography experts Klara & Ida how to perfectly stage baked goods and breads with matching accessories. 

The world wide web also participated in the event: The bloggers kept their followers in the social networks up to date all day with artistic photos and videos taken in the bakery and during the photo shoot.